Why study in Dubai?

Dubai is the most developed city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and it is has become the hub for cosmopolitan cultures for the past couple of decades. Dubai is the a popular choice many multinational companies to set up a base that allows them a wider coverage of their multinational presence due to the time zone that is suitable for many countries.

Dubai has developed a unique model by creating world class infrastructure for Universities across the world to set up their branch campuses with relative ease.

The Knowledge village and the Academic Village are specially created education zones for international education institutions and offer the students all the facilities within easy reach.

Dubai is just 3 and half hours away from most parts of India making very comfortable to travel from India. Study in Dubai also money for students wanting to obtain international qualifications at relatively less cost. The difference in time zone is just an hour and half making it really easy for students to keep in touch with friends and family back home.

Applying to study in Dubai?

Applying to study in Dubai is as simple as it gets. The institution needs a completed course application with all the supporting documents and proof of English language qualification.

Universities can waive the requirement if the student has studied with English as medium of instruction at school or college level.

January and September are the key intakes for institutions in Dubai, some institutions may have intakes in May as well.

Working in Dubai and Stay back Options

Students are not allowed to work part time during the course time. However should a student secure a job while in Dubai, institutions offer an option convert their course to a part time programme allowing students to work full time and simultaneously complete their degree.

Accommodation & Living Cost

Total cost of living for a student in Dubai can be up to 10,000 Dirhams per year. This includes Accommodation, food, Travel and other costs during the stay.

It is common for students to share accommodation with friends to save costs and there is plenty of private accommodation available in Dubai should students choose opt not to stay in the University accommodation

Tuition Fees

Tuition fee for Masters Courses in Dubai can range from 20,000 Dirhams to 30,000 Dirhams for the duration of the course.

Immigration & Visa

The visa application is submitted by the institution on behalf of the students. Students need to submit the proof of finances in the form of bank account statements or a bank loan sanction letters to obtain a visa.

Please contact UniStride Visa Team for expert advice on your visa application. Do not take chances with incomplete paperwork risking a visa refusal.

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