he University of Toronto
  • Campuses
    Scarborough, Mississauga and Downtown Toronto
  • Location
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Established
  • Student Population
  • Motto
    Velut arbor ævo (As a Tree through Ages )

About the University

The University of Toronto has a number of academic honours it can boast of. Their influential movements and literary curriculum has been their most actively noted aspect. It is also the place where insulin and stem cell research were born. Other scientific works include the practical study of the electron microscope and development of multi touch technology. This is why they receive a significantly large sum of scientific research funding. Besides this, their gothic revival complex serves as a cultural and recreational hub as a student centre.


This university offers transfer of credits as well as various interesting courses in a number of fields, making it a popular choice for local as well as international students. With a number of courses that provide students with internationally recognised degrees, their courses are both thorough and exciting.

  • Honours Bachelor of Science (Life Sciences)
  • Honours Bachelor of Science (Physical & Mathematical Sciences)
  • Honours Bachelor of Arts (Architectural Studies)
  • Biomedical Engineering Minor


In addition to the general requirements of the University for Admissions, you must meet with the specific program requirements in order to successfully pursue a course at the University of Toronto. In the event English has not been your primary language of studying, you will need to provide evidence in order to support your proficiency as the university accepts only the highest standards of students.

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