Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies
  • Course Duration3-4 Years
  • Universities LocationUSA, UK, Canada and Australia

Course Overview

Theology, divinity and religious study is an amazing topic to study for those students who have a keenness to explore the religions of the world. Through this course, you will be made to explore religious traditions, survey texts and understand the social and cultural aspects of various faiths.

Course Structure

Courses in theology, divinity and religious studies inculcate a habit among their students to crucially think about the intellectual, artistic as well as the cultural heritage of various religions. Through the careful studying of the philosophical impact of traditions and texts, you can also become a scholar in religions. Developing skills such as analytical thinking and research, the career options too are endless.  While some courses are based on a particular religion, some may also focus on certain aspects of various religions such as history, anthropology or literature.

Entry Requirements

Just as any other undergraduate degree, this course too varies from country to country and university to university. While some colleges require students to have excelled in a particular subject such as English or history, some may simply require a higher grade average. However, it is a must for students to be able to read and write with passion in order to keep up with the demands of this course.

Course Progress

An undergraduate degree in theology, divinity and religious studies will last for an average of three years depending on your area of interest and specialisation. Since the topic itself is a vast and never ending one, you can also choose to explore other areas of it by following through with a master’s program.


From the study of religious identities to major political movements that led to transformation, you could choose to specialise from a million different topics. Here is a list of some of the popular topics you may face during an undergraduate course in theology, divinity and religious studies to specialise in:

Islamic Studies

Drown yourself into the renowned texts of the Qur’an, Hadith and other such important texts of the Islamic religion. This will not only give you a chance to explore the traditions and thought processes of the Arabic but also delve into the depths of their law, artistic views, architectural grandeur and areas of current debate.

Biblical Studies

When you choose to specialise in Biblical studies, you will be exposed to both, the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. Decode the impact of this important biblical scripture on the evolution of the western civilisation as well as the code of Christian ethics and literature.

Asian Religions

A specialisation in Asian religions means you get to dive into one of the most significant religions that created waves of impact from an artistic and socio-political perspective. Interpret the significant movements among these religions in order to gain a better understanding of this culture as well as world view.

Religious Sociology

Religious sociology aims to provide insight into the belief systems, practises and rituals of various different religions and understand the contemporary societal evolution.  Research under this topic will typically involve getting into the details of how religion perceives social changes, lifestyle, races, education, gender and other such aspects.

Inter Religious Relations

The interactions among one religion to another, impact the society on a global level. The discord or harmony between two religions can all be explained by their attitude towards one another. To understand these problems, one must delve into the depths of their ancient past. This is one of the most relevant and needed topics to specialise in and can even land you a job with organisations and NGOs.

Career Options

Graduates who have successfully completed and received a degree in theology, divinity and religious studies can get a job with a number of interesting places. They include:

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