Bachelor of Fashion Studies
  • Course Duration3-4 Years
  • Universities LocationUSA, UK, Canada and Australia

Program Overview

A career in the fashion industry can be a great way to turn your passions into a lucrative future. An undergraduate degree in fashion studies will help you develop the practical skills as well as academic knowledge required to succeed in this cut throat competitive industry. Preparing students to face the various challenges of the fashion industry, you can be sure you learn from the best with an internationally recognised degree.

Course Structure

An undergraduate degree in fashion will introduce to the broad, varied aspects of the fashion sector. Since you may not still be sure about what field of study to specialise in within the industry, topics such as fashion photography, designing, management and marketing will be made available for you to explore. A general course in fashion will take you through each stage involved in the designing process which begins with the concept, moves on to the ramp stage and then finally becomes a reality as a collection of a store or campaign. You can also choose to include select topics into your course such as pattern cutting or garment product and even trend forecasts to ensure your academic achievements back your career path.

Entry Requirements

Most undergraduate courses in fashion do not require students to excel in specific academic subjects. However, having a passion and inclination towards subjects such as drawing can be of great help during the course. A strong academic background may work wonders to get you into the college of your choice. Select universities may also request you to submit a portfolio of your work depending on the institution. You may also be asked to submit an essay or video in support of your application as universities often face shortage of seats.

Course Progress

A Bachelors level course in fashion studies will last about three or four years depending on the institution you choose. These courses not only include seminars and workshops by renowned industry experts as visiting faculty but also require a great deal of physical work to be done by students in the form of projects and submissions. Team work, individual projects, examinations and presentations are all a part of the course structure. You may also need to find a placement or internship as a part of the course assessment. However, this will allow you to test your capabilities in a real scenario and explore the various departments of the fashion world before you step into it for good.


While specialisations in the fashion industry may often sound similar, they can make a great difference when you are shaping up your career path. Here are some of the most sought after fashion degree specialisations:

Fashion Designing

If you wish to inculcate your own unique creative vision and technical skills to present wonders on the ramp, then fashion designing is the way to go. You will learn all the essentials that will help you produce noteworthy garments and become a successful designer.

Fashion Photography

Capturing fashion in its truest form is as important as creating it in the fashion industry. From light to saturation, positions to focus elements, learn all the basics of good fashion photography if you wish to study the trends of visual communication in this industry.

Fashion Purchasing and Styling

A popular career path to embark on in this industry is the purchasing and styling ones. Not only is it important to have a great knowledge about trends and basics of the fashion world, but you must also be able to visualise and create styles that are trendsetting and pioneering. Consumer behaviour and an understanding of market sentiments can go a long way to make you a successful professional as a personal buyer or magazine style editor.


Career Options

Career options in this industry are endless, as you can focus on a small aspect such as textile designing to a becoming an editor for a large fashion house. All you need is some creativity and a relentless passion to take on higher roles with greater responsibility to become a success.

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