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Bachelor of Arts
  • Course Duration3-4 Years
  • Universities LocationUSA, UK, Canada and Australia

Programme Overview

The most sought after and prestigious program in today’s dynamic world is the Bachelor of Arts degree. With over fifty specializations to choose from, this course is designed to train students to apply academic learnings in real world situations. The sheer variety of course structures that caters to every student’s needs provides an exceptional opportunity to meet career goals and indulge in a passionate learning experience.

Features of the Bachelor of Arts

  • Piecing Together a Bigger Picture

Arts and Humanity related fields allow students to step into an environment that is all about gaining experience and developing skills that are essential to survive in a real business world, while making a change for the better. Allowing students to take active part in their studies, universities do not focus on memorising textbook answers but develop their own set of problem solving skills through reading, writing and reasoning.

  • Flexible Study Options

Instead of having you declare your major in the first year itself, students are allowed to explore the program at their own pace. Through their different study options such as the Coordinated Arts program and Custom Timetable, you can follow your passions as well as add academic value at a comfortable pace.

  • Custom Designing your Course Structure

In order to successfully receive your Arts Degree, you are required to complete 120 credits in four years. While students split them into equal parts to obtain fifteen credits through each term, one can also make adjustments such as adding more credits during the summer session and reducing the ones obtained during the winter session. This can be a great way for international students to plan their schedule and breaks to visit back home without compromising on achievements.

Entry Requirements

While the entry requirements into the program itself is simply maintaining a good academic record and proving English language skills, to successfully complete the Arts Degree there are certain degree requirements. Students pursuing this course may often be required to have completed certain subjects in advance or have a keen understanding on select topics. For more information on these requirements, make sure you visit the university website and read through the degree requirements carefully before applying to the program.

Recommended Preparation

Pursuing the Bachelor of Arts program is not an easy task. With some of the best students across the globe competing for a seat at prestigious universities, it is important to maintain a good track record. From academic achievements to adding social service and community work to your resume, every step can make a big difference towards making you a good choice for the University of your Choice. Since the university seeks well rounded students who can develop themselves into encompassing professionals, you will not only need a score that goes into the mid to high eighties but also take language classes that will go towards adding credits to the program. Personal motivation and initiative is a must in order to get selected.

How to Apply

Applications for the Bachelor of Arts program are generally to be made through the Office of Enrolment Services. You are required to fill an online application form after which you will receive a list of documents to submit. Along with this, prospective students will need to pay a non-refundable application fee to process these documents. Additional requirements, if any, will be informed to the applicants directly. Make sure you do not miss the application deadlines stated on the university website to be eligible for admissions.

Career Options

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