Dual Degree in Management
  • Course Duration3-4 Years
  • Universities LocationUSA, UK, Canada and Australia

Programme Overview

The Bachelors and Masters of Management program is a unique and pioneering degree program that allows students to explore the dynamics of a business world. Giving you the opportunity to pursue a bachelor degree in a non-business faculty and continue the Master of Management program, you can receive this double degree in a shorter span of just four and a half years. With a keen sense of business skills as well as experience in academic subjects that you have a passion for, this degree is a perfect fit for students wishing to develop essential knowledge towards management areas. Subjects such as finance, entrepreneurship, human resources management and marketing will be intensively covered under this program.

Features of the Dual Bachelor and Master of Management Degree

While the course itself is unique and attractive for most students, here are some of the highlights of this program:

  • Following Your Passion without Compromising on an Academic Level

From music to microbiology, following your passion should not be related to academic success. This program will allow you to pursue a non-commerce based undergraduate degree for the first four years by simply taking one or two business related courses that will add to your Master’s degree.

  • Potential Experiences and Untapped Resources

One of the best features of this program is the access you gain to business networks as well as networks related to your field of interest. This gives you the chance to connect with potential employers at the end of your program as well as indulge in workshops and consult with career counsellors before finalising your future path.

  • Adding Business Value

Following the term of your undergraduate degree, you will immediately begin with the intensive six month long module of the business master’s degree. This will cover topics such as economics, logistical operations and market research which are essential to any management program and business.

  • Practical Experience

This program also facilitates community business projects as a part of the course structure allowing students to explore practical workplaces and gain essential field experience. Adding this aspect to your resume is invaluable and makes you globally relevant as well.

 Entry Requirements

Those students who pursue an undergraduate degree in Arts as well as Bachelors in Science are eligible to pursue this dual management degree besides those that have pursued commerce based undergraduate degrees. However, certain schools do require students to maintain an acceptable average in grades as well as provide proof of English language competency before they are accepted into this program. Check with the schools before applying to see if your undergraduate degree will be an eligible one for the master’s program.

Recommended Preparation

In order to increase your chances of getting selected as a student into their dual degree management program, it is important to be able to compete with the other applicants. While a well maintained average is not enough to get you selected, improving your English language skills as well as adding business competency and experience to your resume can go a long way to make you an attractive candidate.

How to Apply

Most universities have a simple online application process. All you need to do is submit the undergraduate admissions application on the schools website after which you will receive a unique student reference number. The Office of Enrolment Services will then send a list of documents required to complete your admission procedure. Along with these documents, you may also be asked to submit a 90-second video essay in support of your application as well as pay a small application fee. Any other requirements, depending on the university you select, will be specified on the website. In the event you are selected for this prestigious program, you will receive a letter of acceptance and a deadline before which you will need to complete the rest of the formalities.

Career Options

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