F1 Visa Interview

20 March 2018

Essential Tips to Ace your F1 Visa Interview

If you plan on pursuing a full-time degree in the US, you will require applying for an F1 visa as an international student. While the process of getting the visa may be a long one, the effort will be well worth your while.

Before you are granted a visa, you will be expected to undergo an intensive interview at the consulate. Here are a few common tips that consultants for study in USA give their students before they appear for this seemingly intimidating interview –

Your interviewer will be shooting rather specific questions your way to assess the reason behind your decision to study in the US. Expect questions such as – Why do you wish to study in the United States? Why do you pick the United States over Canada or the UK for a study option?

Make sure you are well prepped with regards to the reason behind your decision. If you wish to make a career transition or intend to get a degree in a new field, you need to have a justifiable answer on why you wish to make the transition.

You will also need to elaborate why you wish to go to the school you intend to attend. With the help of your consultants, make sure you have pursued some self-reflection before the interview. This will help you articulate your reasons in a justified manner.

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You will also be expected to present a number of documents during your interview. Make sure you go through the checklist provided by your consultants for study in USA. You will especially need to bring along your financial documents that highlight that you are able to afford the education and living expenses incurred while in the US. You will also need to know all the information on the documents including things like your parents’ income, your grades over the last few years along with some other personal details. Your interviewer will want to assess whether you have made the effort to get familiar with all the details in your application.

When interacting with your interviewer, it is important that you stay calm and confident. The best way to achieve this is to be as prepared as possible.  Sit and think of all the possible questions you may be asked and go through mock interviews with your consultant or a family member. The more you will practice the more confident you will be at the interview.

As per the US law, individuals applying for nonimmigrant visas such as the F1 or the J1 student visas are perceived to be “intending immigrants” until they are able to convince the interview that they intend to return to their home country. In your interview, you want to make sure that you highlight sufficient number of reasons to want to return back to your home country after you have completed your education. Elements such as owning a house or an apartment, having a secure job, a family and other financial prospects of your own upon your return can all act as justifiable ties to your home country.

Also, remember that the interview is generally conducted in the English language. If you aren’t comfortable with the language, make sure you practice sufficiently. However, do not prepare speeches as the interview will be a lot more conversational.

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